Savage Consulting Group is proud to participate in the Texas MBA+ Leadership Program, providing students with resources to fully leverage their investment in the MBA program and position themselves for continued career success. The program funds individual coaching sessions and access to skills training, career planning and leadership development at a critical junction in their professional career. The SCG coaching/mentorship program augments UT McCombs academic excellence with real-world, executive-level corporate experience and practical applications that are customized to leverage an individual’s unique strengths.

A key opportunity for MBA+ students is to initiate the coaching relationship early in their MBA program to establish clear objectives for targeted careers post-graduation and to begin developing a strong value proposition and “personal brand” long before they begin interviewing with prospective employers. The process also helps to fully leverage opportunities within the MBA program to enhance a candidate’s “personal brand” through focused experiences and professional connections.

Key differentiators in the SCG MBA+ coaching program are:

  • Executive leadership with financial, strategic, operational and investor relations experience in private and public companies at all stages of growth
  • A Myers-Briggs strengths-based approach and methodologies that help define a career path focused on long term job satisfaction
  • A proven model for successful career transition based on reframing past work experience to create a compelling value proposition for targeted new roles
  • Ongoing projects with corporate employers that provides insight into current career opportunities and personal brand positioning